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I wonder if u ever treated a cow, a pig, a chicken like this. Hyprocrisy much?
Seriously though: Animals are basically meat. No matter how you look at it. In some countries they eat guinea pigs, doves, insects, whales, et cetera. It's a thing of culture. In india cows are holy, they'd never even THINK of harming one. Yet in our western culture they are treated as meatbags and milk-givers up to the point that they are held in masses and treated very badly. And this is how we treat our meat! Whilst some chinese countries treat dogs just as meat (like we treat cows,pigs,etc), you sit there crying and propably stuffing your face with pork, beef, chicken on a regular basis, not questioning how these animals were treated.
We have a saying here "Touch your own nose." It means you should start changing the world in your own home before scolding others. And stop whining about stuff you obviously can't understand well.


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